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Gutter Protection in Fayetteville NCDo I need Gutter Protection?
At Seamless Gutter Network, we certainly believe that you do. Water, can present some serious dangers to your home and property. We have found that over eighty percent of gutters do not function properly. Naked gutters by design, are exposed to nasty debris from tree's and dirt that can quickly block the flow of water.
In order to prevent these clogs, gutters must be kept clean, and frequently. Studies show us that most house owners do not clean their gutters regularly, or on schedule. Those that do clean their gutters, are posing themselves a serious risk of fall, and even possibly death. You can always pay to have your guttersprofessionaly cleaned, but this is very costly, and most gutter cleaning company's don't even carry insurance, which could result in lawsuit and $1000's in court cost in the event that a worker fell off of your roof while working on your home. Believe it or not some people choose to do nothing with their gutters, which can be the worse solution of all. Gutter Protection only makes sense, and whether through time, cleaning crews, or investment, you're already paying for them!
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What Makes Leaf-Slugger Different than other gutter products available?
Many gutter protection systems simply concentrate preventing the debris from entering the gutters. Leaf Slugger stops cloging but can also protect your home from Rain, Snow, and ICE, wich are serious threats to the exterior of your home/foundation. Our patented design, quality materials, and factory-tested installation process make your gutters stronger. This dependable product will provide you with the comfort and security of never having to replace your gutters again. It is a permanent solution to BOTH gutters and GUTTER PROTECTION.
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How Does Gutter Protection and the Water Management System Work?
Seamless Gutter Network unique Leaf-Slugger starts with the science of Liquid Adhesion. This is the flow of wich water travels through smooth surfaces.  Leaf Slugger has a one of a kind Speed Hood system that connects with your existing roof when installed properly. Water, sticking to the smooth, seamless surface, flows appropriately through the gutters as the design intends. Water is then properly directed through the gutters and away from your home.
Our Product stops the water from flowing front or behind your gutters. This displacement of water can create present serious damage to your roof, soffit, fascia, siding windows, doors, and foundation. It can even effect the crawl spaces, and landscaping. In addition, our Gutter Protection System has a nifty opening in the side of the gutters that stops debris clogging from happening that can prevent the proper flow of water or assists.
Carolina Gutters Gutter's System, Leaf Slugger, in Fayetteville NC has top-of-the-line technology and design. It has 4 seperate patens for its design, parts, and utility.
Do I need regular Shingles to take advantage of Leaf Slugger?
Seamless Gutter Network can provide gutter protection for any house. Our expert technicians and inspectors will be able to assess the best installation and procedure methods that need to be used for your home.
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Can Animals get inside My Gutter Protection System?
Absolutely NOT! Carolina Gutters Gutter Protection provides a complete gutter safety, the opening that allows the water to flow is only 3/8 of an inch. The custom end caps, complete the gutter protection process. Only water or extremely tiny particles of dirt, would be able to slip through the tiny hole, wich will be easily washed away during the next rainfall. ONLY WATER GETS IN!!!
What type of Material is Leaf Slugger from Seamless Gutter Network Made From?
The Speed Hood system is made entirely of Aluminum. Aluminum is the ideal material because it won't rust steel. Our .027 Gauge Aluminum is the thickest grade aluminum available on the market today. This material is so strong, you can literally stand on it! Our design is built to withstand even the toughest winds, fire, rain, and snow.
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Do I Need to Replace My Existing Gutters?
Our Gutter Guard uses your existing gutters! If you need gutters, we can install them for you, but for home owners who already have gutters, there is no need to waste precious environmental materials. Seamless Gutter Network is an eco-friendly company.
How much Rain Can your Product Guard My Gutters from?
Carolina Gutters Gutter Protection can Guard your gutters against Twenty Four Inches of Rain Per Hour. The highest amount of rainfall ever recorded in the United States is only Twelve Inches of Rain Per Hour.
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How many colors are available?
We Have over 20 Different color Options Available. Thats Eight More than you'll find anywhere else!
How long does it take to install?
Installation is usually completed in one day.